Canisius College Grants Posthumous Degree in Honor of Buffalo Security Guard Shooting Victim

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Canisius College is adding a special graduate from Buffalo to their roster. Aaron Salter Jr. was just three credits away, or one course, from finishing his degree in communications. His cousin shares how much it means to their family.

“That’s huge for him, that’s huge for the family,” said Aaron’s cousin, Previn Brock Sanders. “Thank you Canisius, thank you.”

Aaron attended Canisius College from the fall of 1984 to 1988. College President John Hurley explains the decision.

“His career in the police department and his unbelievable bravery last Saturday, that more than made up for the little three credits he was short on his Canisius College degree,” said John. “I think it will be a source of healing and consolation for the family, and if it provides just a little bit, we want to be there to do it for them.”

Aaron returned to school in the spring and summer of 2007, rounding out all but that one class he needed to graduate. But his work and family put those final credits on hold. Previn says education was important to his cousin.

“Aaron Junior had actually went back, he started at Canisius, then he became an officer and as part of continuing education,” Previn said. “He felt it was important to go back.”