Campaign for Mother Cabrini: Bishop DiMarzio Continues to Lead the Way

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Currents News Staff

When City Hall turned its back on Mother Cabrini and refused to honor her with a new statue, the Bishop of Brooklyn took charge.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio led a march of more than a thousand people through the streets of Carroll Gardens to push back against the snub of the saint.

On Columbus Day, Bishop DiMarzio rode up fifth avenue on a Diocese of Brooklyn float with Mother Cabrini as the centerpiece.

Shortly after, Governor Andrew Cuomo named the Bishop to a new commission that’s going to bring a Cabrini memorial to life.

There are 18 other top names on that including John Heyer, the Lay Coordinator of the Diocese of Brooklyn Italian Apostolate and Angelo Vivolo, the President of the Columbus Heritage Coalition. They both sat down with Currents News for an update on Mother Cabrini’s statue.