Cabinet Convenes Amid Shutdown – First Meeting Of 2019 Focused On Border

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Currents News Staff

President Trump’s first cabinet meeting of the year was convened around a table with a centerpiece: a Game Of Thrones related image with the words “Sanctions Are Coming.”

He had tweeted this image in November about Iran sanctions, but sat today in front of a printed version.

Iran is a much different country than when I became President,” said Trump.

But the dominant topic of the meeting was about the border wall.

When asked whether he would accept any less than his five-billion-dollar demand, in order to re-open the government, Trump said “rather not say it, could we do it for less, so insignificant.”

And on how long the shutdown would last he said, “it could be a long time, and it could be quickly,” depending on how the border security debate shakes out.

The issue was also mentioned by many of his cabinet members, including Energy Secretary Rick Perry, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, one of the new faces in this meeting.

He’s the acting Attorney General until the Senate goes through a confirmation process for the nominated AG, William Barr.

Other people in acting roles are David Bernhardt in for Ryan Zinke, and Patrick Shanahan in for James Mattis.

“The threat is real. The risks are real. We need to control our borders,” said Shanahan.

Mick Mulvaney is still the Budget Director, but is now also acting Chief of Staff, with John Kelly leaving.

A permanent replacement has not yet been named and is not a position that requires Senate confirmation.