Bush 41 Laid To Rest

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Currents News Staff

The Remarkable Life of George H.W. Bush honored today by friends and family.

“George Herbert Walker Bush is the most gracious, most decent, most humble man that I will ever know and it’s the honor of a lifetime to share his name,” said George P. Bush, grandson of George H.W. Bush.

Former Secretary of State James Baker delivered a touching eulogy for his best friend, recounting the President’s many accomplishments.

“After becoming the youngest naval aviator, he served in increasingly responsible positions on behalf of his country,” said Baker.

And giving insight into the man behind the Presidency, his humor and humility.

“George Bush was a charter member of the Greatest Generation. – He would look at me and said Baker, ‘if you’re so smart, ‘why am I president and you’re not?’ – Be kind to people, he would say. And he was,” said Baker.

The state funeral culminating this afternoon with a journey aboard the Bush 4141, a rare locomotive commissioned in 2005 to honor the President.

The train, once operated by Bush himself, carrying the statesman to his final resting place at Texas A&M University, where he will be interred beside his late wife Barbara, and their daughter Robin.