Bullet’s Bravery: Hero Dog Saves Store Clerk During Gun Battle

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Currents News Staff

A hero dog! Employees at a Philadelphia corner store say they’re lucky to be alive after two armed robbers raided their shop. It was all caught on camera. The hero of this story is a dog aptly named Bullet.

Security video shows the moments two would-be robbers rushed into Big A, a corner store on Torresdale Avenue in the city’s Wissinoming section early Tuesday morning.

“Two people come with a big gun and small gun,” said Big A Manager Sammy Aloubehi. “They come straight up all the way here with the gun at the girl’s head, my head … they say like don’t move.”

The store manager says one suspect points a gun at his clerk. You can see her sitting on the couch. Then as a dog jumps all over the suspect before, the clerk takes out a gun and fires. The suspect is seen running away before the second suspect shoots at the clerk several times.

“It happened right here,” Sammy said. “He came straight out with the gun … the girl she was here … the bullet is right here, it’s almost at her head.This was gonna kill somebody for no reason.”

Police say the 32-year-old clerk was struck four times. She’s now getting treated at Jefferson Torresdale Hospital.

“She’s fine right now … she’s better,” Sammy said.

The store manager also believes the would-be robbery may have turned deadly if not for his dog named Bullet. You can see Bullet jump all over the suspect getting in his way just as the clerk fires.

“If he didn’t move the guy, and cover him, he would shoot the girl before she shoot him,” Sammy said. “He did help.He saved my life and her life.”

No arrests have been made yet but police did recover a weapon left behind by one of the suspects.