Brooklyn Woman Has Devoted Years of her Life to the Pro-Life Movement as a Sidewalk Counselor

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By Currents News Staff

It’s a walk Rose has taken for years. With a cross to proclaim her faith and gloves to protect her health, day after day, she stands outside of a Brooklyn abortion clinic.

Rose tells Currents News the key to being able to come back day after day, is to, “Never, never give up on the fact that we can reach these women. But we have to do it with love.”

Rose hasn’t given up, “What am I doing that’s more important, even if it’s just prayer, someone has to be there to pray for these women.”

She started praying years ago, with Monsignor Philip Reilly and the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, a pro-life group that runs in the Diocese of Brooklyn. They’re working where they’re needed most.

New York City is often called the abortion capital of the country. Its where 50,000 of the states 80,000 yearly abortions happen. That’s according to the Susan B. Anthony List, a nonprofit that seeks to end abortion.

Three hours a day, four days a week, Rose stands here, fighting to change that.

It’s a calling that is not without its dangers. She has been threatened.

Rose says, “But then one time one of them says, you’re all alone. Who do you got here, you’re all alone. I said, I have Jesus, Mary and Joseph.”

It’s why Rose asked Currents News not to use her last name, a way to keep her safe.

But despite the dangers – she always comes back – driven by the success stories.

Rose explains, “But she came to the place two or three times, and then on the final visit she said, ‘I can’t do it.’ Praise the Lord, and that gives you encouragement. It doesn’t seem that you’re doing anything, but you never, never, never know.”

Standing quietly on the sidewalk, as women enter the center, she hands out rosaries and pamphlets with information for local pregnancy centers.

One of them – the Life Center of New York in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Their executive director, Fred Trabulsi explains, “Since we are working with Rose in the last six months or more, we have had maybe, four turn arounds, through Rose’s instrumentation.”

Fred says when he looks at her, he sees a possible future saint.