Brooklyn Voters Head to the Polls

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By Tim Harfmann

Rain didn’t stop these New Yorkers from heading to the polls.

“I think voting in this election is exceedingly important! Our country is not in a good condition,” said Eileen Dirnfeld.

Voter Mike singer added, “we’ve gotta show that, at least I’m not satisfied with the direction. And I hope these other people feel the same way.”

One of the biggest hot button issues not only for the country, but also for Catholics is immigration.

“We are a country of immigrants! We can’t brush them away from our borders,” said Dirnfeld.

And fellow voter Juliet Moser agrees. “I think it’s important to protect immigrants that come into this country,” said Moser.

“I mean, obviously we can’t let 100,000 undocumented people just come into the country. But I think there has to be some legislation that gives people a chance and yet guards our security,” added Singer.

Another issue on the minds of voters is healthcare. “I do think it’s something that should… access should be expanded, for sure,” said Moser.

Singer adds “if the Republicans and the Democrats could get together, they can come up with some improvements. It’s not perfect, for sure.”

All 435 seats are up for election in the house. Democrats need at least two dozen seats to take control.

In the Senate, 35 seats are up for grabs. The Democrats need at least two seats to win majority in the chamber.

Some of the major races in New York include Republican Marc Molinaro challenging Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo looks to win a third term. “I don’t always agree with Andrew Cuomo… but I voted for him today,” said Dirnfeld.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Letitia James faces Republican Keith Wofford.

In the race for State Comptroller, Thomas Dinapoli against Republican Jonathon Trichter – and Democratic Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, faces reelection against Republican Chele Farley.

Voters say regardless of where you stand on the issues, you must cast your vote.

“It’s important. I think it’s your civic duty to come out. And I came this morning, but the line was all the way around the block, so I came during my lunch break instead,” said Moser.