Brooklyn Diocese Releases List of Credibly Accused

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By Emily Drooby

Priests and parishioners across the Brooklyn Diocese also speaking out, after the list of clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse against minors was released.

Parishioner Alayne Cox said, “I think it’s important that the diocese has done this.”

Parishioner Michael said, “I’m happy that the Church and the diocese is doing the best they can to be as open and sincere about responding to the people in their hurt and doing the best they can.”

Father Thomas Doyle, the pastor for Good Shepherd Church, said, “It has a little bit of an impact here because seven of the priests that are on the list were assigned here at one point so it has taken a little bit of breath out of the parish.”

While Father Alonzo Cox, the pastor at St. Martin De Porres Parish reacted with, “It’s tough, you know it’s tough to see something like this but I pray for my brothers and we pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen us.”

The full list can be found on the Diocese of Brooklyn’s website by clicking on a special page made for the clergy sex abuse crisis response. There’s also a video statement by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, in which he said, “I have met with many victims who have told me that more than anything, they want an acknowledgement of what was done to them.”

The list covers the 166-year history of the diocese. There are 108 names, one auxiliary bishop, two deacons and 105 priests, less than 5 percent of clergy throughout the history of the Diocese of Brooklyn.

The list was a shock for many, like Father Doyle, “These are priests that I have lived with, priests I have ministered with, these are priests who are friends so it is kind of disheartening, we will be stronger because of it and I think that’s what we can come forth with.”

Almost two-thirds of the accused clergy on the list are dead.

Numbers show that incidents of abuse peaked in the 1960’s and 1970’s. However, most reports came in after both 2002, when the Dallas Charter for the protection of children and young people was enacted, and 2017, after the Brooklyn Diocese started the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program, which works to provide healing and closure for survivors of clergy sexual abuse.