Brooklyn Delegation Attends Canonization Ceremony

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Currents News Staff

Brooklyn and Queens were well-represented in Rome this weekend, with a group who came to see the canonization of the seven saints, but most especially Archbishop Oscar Romero.

Sunday’s canonization of Archbishop Oscar Romero was an exciting moment for this group with Latin American roots, from El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.

Father Carlos Quijano from Blessed Sacrament led the group from Queens, New York, to participate in the ceremony with Pope Francis. “Something that will be in our memories forever because it was a moment of glorification, but also a joyful moment for the Church, for Christians, and for those who were killed in El Salvador in the name of God,” Quijano said.

Quijano continued, “It took a Latin American Pope to recognize that beautiful gift for the Church, so for me and for us, I think it was a beautiful moment, a grace and a joy to be shared with the people in El Salvador.”

Deacon Jorge Castillo from Queens added, “It was one in a lifetime. We were able to, with the sacrifice we did getting up so early in the morning, with Fr. Carlos and a friend deacon, we were right in the first place, right in the beginning. We were able to see the pope and pray with the pope and pray for the Church.”

Father Carlos even brought his mother with him to Rome. She moved from her home in El Salvador to Canada years ago with her, after Archbishop Romero told her to in a dream.

“He appeared in my room and said one son has already gone. You can go too. Get your papers in order and go. I am very proud and happy to see Msgr. Romero canonized,” Marta Quijano said.

Additionally, the group saw Pope Francis Monday morning in Paul VI Audience Hall, where he spoke about St. Romero to the thousands of people present.