Brooklyn Christians Stand in Solidarity with Lebanon

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By Tim Harfmann

Christians in Brooklyn are taking a stand and praying for their endangered brothers and sisters in Lebanon.

Paul Moshy is one of many attending a prayer service at Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral in Brooklyn Heights. He’s worried about his loved ones who are still in Lebanon.

“I heard Lebanon needs its support of the people. I came right in. I just hope to God my family and everybody else over there is safe,” said Moshy.

The prayers come amid turmoil in the country. Protests began nearly three weeks ago against widespread corruption.

The unrest prompted Maronite Brooklyn Bishop Gregory Mansour to hold the service.

“We are coming to pray for Lebanon. Simple. We are not doing any politics,” Mansour told Currents News.

Bishop Mansour was joined by members of other Christian denominations, including Armenian Orthodox Archbishop Danielian.

“As Christians, it is our primary duty to pray, to pray together for all those who are in different parts of the world,” said Danielian.

At the Vatican, Pope Francis has encouraged the protestors while pushing both sides to respect the dignity and freedom of everyone in Lebanon, saying “I urge everyone to seek solutions in the way of dialogue.”

Until it’s resolved, these Christians will continue to pray for peace in Lebanon.

“We can resolve every political difficulty without violence,” said Mansour.