Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams Honors Diocese of Brooklyn’s COVID-19 Emergency Task Force

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By Jessica Easthope

First responders and frontline workers put their lives at risk to help New York City fight off COVID-19. On Friday, May 21, the team of people who had the city’s back was recognized.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams honored the Diocese of Brooklyn’s COVID-19 Emergency Task Force. The seven-person team was presented with citations for their tireless efforts. Over the course of the worst days of the pandemic, the task force delivered PPE, hand sanitizer and even pizzas to police and fire departments, hospitals and nursing homes across the state.

The task force’s work were all part of the Catholic mission of the Diocese of Brooklyn.

“We didn’t save lives, we helped them saving lives: the first responders, the firefighters, the police officers,” said Vincent LeVien, director of the task force. “I think as the Catholic Church, it goes to show the work we can do.”

As the city continues to get the spread of COVID-19 under control, the task force has shifted its focus from PPE to vaccinations, testing and fighting food insecurity.

“Our faith-based institutions play such a vital and critical role in getting our city back up and operating,” said Borough President Adams. “We can’t thank them enough.”