Brand New Eyes: Blind Girl Claims She Received Miracle and Can Now See

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MADRID — It was at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima that a teen from Madrid said she received a miracle.

Jimena claims she regained her sight during World Youth Day, after receiving Communion at Fatima and praying to Our Lady of the Snows.

Now, a month later, her family spokesperson says she is sharing her story. 

“She tells her experience and is very conscious saying that the protagonist of this event is Our Lady,” said Pilar González, Jimena’s teacher and tutor. “In other words, she is simply an instrument that Our Lady has used to make her power and intercession known to many people.”

Jimena lost 95% of her sight two years ago during a bout with myopia.

After her experience at World Youth Day, she underwent medical tests that confirmed that she had been healed. 

“She sees perfectly,” González said. “She has perfect 20/20 vision, both with and without glasses. Because it is true that after the summer, she went to the doctor again and she had the same prescription she had before she lost her sight, with normal myopia.”  

Shortly after news of Jimena’s possible miracle, the president of the Spanish bishops’ conference, Cardinal Juan Omella, spoke to her. 

“She was excited,” Cardinal Omella said. “And I said: ‘”Well, let’s thank God for this. As this does not lead to the beatification of anyone because the Virgin is already a saint, it is a grace from God. So let’s thank him and that’s it.”

Jimena’s family does not want her in the public eye, but said she will share her faith in her everyday life. 

“Jimena said that since the moment she was healed, she has gone to Mass every day and that she will go to Mass every day for the rest of her life … as long as she can,” González said.

After Jimena’s cure on Aug. 5, she prayed a novena of thanksgiving to Mary for her healing.