Boy Interrupts The Pope To Touch A Swiss Guard’s Hand

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Currents News Staff

One little boy had no concerns about passing security and walking up the steps of Paul VI Audience Hall to check whether the Swiss guard was real or a statue.

His mother tried to come and take him away but the little boy did not want to.

“He’s Argentinian, undisciplined,” the Pope joked.

The boy then called his sister and they began to run around the stage. The monsignor who was giving a summary of the Pope’s catechesis found it hard to contain his laughter.

The Pope surprised everyone when he explained afterwards what had happened.

“This boy can’t talk, he is mute, but he knows how to communicate. He knows how to express himself. He has something that made me think. He is free. A undisciplined freedom… but he is free. It made me think, ‘am I also free like that before God?’ When Jesus says that we have to become like children, He tells us that we have to have the freedom that a child has before his father. I think he preached to all of us. Let’s ask for the grace that this boy can speak,” said Francis.