Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy Album Slated For September Release

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By Emily Drooby

Students leaving the classroom, for a ‘major’ field trip, to a recording studio. The ‘key’ to the trip, they’re not just visiting the studio, they’re actually recording.

Third, fourth, and fifth, grade choral students at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy have practiced for this ‘dynamic’ moment, for months. Students Jasmine and Amy say, all their hard work is finally paying off.

Amy explained, “It feels really exciting. I feel like I’m just going to do my best.”

While Jasmine said, “Kind of nervous, but I am excited to sing all the songs with my classmates.”

The idea came from the school’s choral director, Julien Hucq.

Hucq said, “It’s very exciting very, very exciting to work in professional conditions with great musicians in a fantastic recording studio. For the kids, I think it’s an amazing, unique experience to be working in this beautiful environment, they won’t forget that.”

The idea, struck a ‘chord’ with the school’s principal, Marylou Celmer, who helped turn the idea into reality.

Celmer said, “But, the most important part is we want to give these students something besides academics, you have to give them some kind of enrichment, because if you don’t give them enrichment, you’re failing them.”

Their recording six songs; “What A Wonderful World,” “Brighten the Corner Where You Are,” “Count On Me,” “Agua Es,” “Dios Esta Aquí” and “Prayer Of Saint Francis.” The students recorded on Monday, but there’s still a ton of post-production work to do. They hope to have their album done by September.