Bishop Robert Brennan Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day Mass as Parade Makes Triumphant Return

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By Jessica Easthope 

The pipes and drums have a deeper purpose and what the green symbolizes is rooted in faith.

Diocese of Brooklyn Bishop Robert Brennan said everyone celebrating in style on Fifth Avenue has the power to be like St. Patrick.

“Parades and processions are literal expressions of what you and I should be doing and are doing every day – bringing our faith into the streets, into the community,” said Bishop Brennan.

Before he was a saint, St. Patrick was a slave, working in the fields in Ireland. He eventually escaped, but when the Irish people needed him – he returned as a priest bringing with him a foundation of faith that became part of his legacy as a great evangelizer.

“He spent himself, he learned the language, he learned the vocabulary he took in the culture he became one of them, know how much the world needs you because it needs Christ and you are faithful witnesses,” Bishop Brennan said.

Outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral people were thrilled to be celebrating once again. This year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade coming almost two years to the day since New York City shut down because of the coronavirus.

Marching front-and-center was Mayor Eric Adams who this week encouraged all Irish-American New Yorkers to honor their heritage loud and proud.

“In the spirit of the Irish Americans who played a major role in this city, building the Brooklyn Bridge, our MTA system, law enforcement, you look at the success of New York you see the Irish contribution to it and you should be proud to be Irish today and proud to be New Yorkers and Americans,” Mayor Adams said.

Though people celebrate and wear green today – there’s a lot to be learned from St. Patrick every day.