Bishop Robert Brennan Celebrates End of Year Mass at Christ the King High School

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By Jessica Easthope

Bishop Robert Brennan blends into the crowd of students changing classes at Christ the King High School. In many ways, he’s just like them, trying to keep his eye on Christ in the midst of a storm.

That was his homily message as he celebrated Mass at the school, Wednesday. Referencing the Gospel of Matthew, when Christ came to the disciples, walking on water in a storm. When he asked Peter to step out of the boat, he was able to walk on water too, but when his focus was off Jesus – he started to sink. The message resonated with sophomore, Emmanuel Odiari.

“The moment you stop believing, the moment you stop praying, the moment you stop following Jesus things will start to go bad,” he said.

Bishop Brennan said he wants the students to understand that the lesson goes even deeper.

“What do I want the students to see is to recognize what Jesus sees, knows, loves in them and believes in them and calls them to greatness but the greatness is being connected to them,” said Bishop Brennan.

Emmanuel says he knows many young people have moved away from their faith – but he’s trying to stay focused.

“The way the world is turning today the only source I have for happiness is Jesus Christ and honestly I always look to God to live a righteous life and be holy and doing the purpose he put me on this earth to do,” he said.

Faith has been an anchor for Niall Iriarte, especially during his high school years – which were shaped by the pandemic. But as he enters his senior year, he’s steady in his commitment to Christ.

“Have faith in God and I think that’s what’s been missing in the last few years, I’m always trying to live the way Jesus would want me to live and do what’s right and I’m trying to carry that into my senior year.”

Bishop Brennan will also be celebrating an end of the year Mass at Cathedral Prep high school on June 23.