Bishop DiMarzio Visits Buffalo in Fact-Finding Mission

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PARK SLOPE — Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio visited Buffalo, N.Y., earlier this week as part of the apostolic visitation that was announced on Oct. 3.

He interviewed more than 30 individuals and plans to return for additional meetings later this month.

The Vatican had asked Bishop DiMarzio to conduct a fact-finding mission in the Diocese of Buffalo, where Bishop Richard Malone faces accusations of covering up sexual abuse of minors by priests.

Some groups have called for Bishop Malone to resign after his former secretary leaked hundreds of pages of diocesan records alleging that the bishop allowed accused priests to remain active in ministry. Bishop Malone has pledged to cooperate with Bishop DiMarzio’s investigation.

As part of the mission, laypeople and clergy, as well as members of the Buffalo Diocese’s staff, have been invited to be a part of the process so that Bishop DiMarzio can gather information from several perspectives.

Upon completion of the visitation, Bishop DiMarzio will submit a report to the Congregation for Bishops at the Vatican.

Click here to read the statement from the Diocese of Brooklyn.