Bishop DiMarzio Awarded Seminary Prep School’s Highest Honor

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Currents News Staff

The Bishop of Brooklyn, Nicholas DiMarzio, received a prestigious honor on Saturday.

Cathedral Prep School and Seminary in Elmhurst, Queens bestowed the Bishop with its highest honor, the Immaculata Award.

The award was presented to DiMarzio for his commitment to promoting vocations and his support of Cathedral Prep, an all-boys Catholic high school where students consider the possibility of becoming priests.

“Vocations has been one of my chief responsibilities and passions since I’ve come to the diocese,” he said upon receiving the award.

“Cathedral Prep is one of the instruments that we know does produce vocations for us. I’ve been very supportive of the Prep, and to be honored by the Prep for that reason is a very good thing tonight,” he added.

Bishop DiMarzio is the first non-graduate of the school to receive the Immaculata Award since it was first presented in 2000.