Bishop-Designate Brennan Calls Catholic Education Top Priority, Visits Students During Diocese Tour

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By Emily Drooby

Applause rang out at St. Saviour Church as their high school and Catholic academy students met Bishop-Designate Robert Brennan.

“So, I was super excited when they told us the Mass would be happening. And that we would be meeting the new Bishop. I was like, that’s going to be so cool,” said student, Nathaniel DeRoy.

He was a fan of the Bishop-Designate, especially after hearing him talk about his commitment to Catholic schools.

Nathaniel added, “I really loved that part especially, but I liked how he had a little sense of humor as well.”

Bishop Brennan put that commitment front and center, making this school visit one of his first stops in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

He said he was already impressed by Futures in Education, which provides financial relief to families who need it the most.

The Bishop-Designate said, “Well I think we are very fortunate that people do invest so heavily in our schools it makes the opportunity of Catholic school available across the board, it’s not just to a small few.”

Bishop Brennan is a product of Catholic education himself. He’s also on the USCCB’s committee for Catholic education.

He calls schools an important place, where one encounters Jesus Christ. A sentiment vicar for Catholic schools, Msgr. David Cassato shares.

“The easiest and the best day to pass on the faith is thought Catholic education,” he told Currents News, explaining, “it opens up an opportunity for a young child, from when they’re very small until they’re in high school to really experience the faith.”

The Bishop-Designate’s outspoken commitment to schools is thrilling for superintendent of schools, Thomas Chadzutko. He’s ready to hit the ground running.

“I think we need to look at teachers’ salaries, principals’ salaries, finding new ways to bring money into the academies, grants, development, things that we’ve been working on but an accelerated approach,” he explained while discussing what he wants to tackle first.