Bishop Accountability Seeks to Publish Names of Accused Priests and Heal Victims

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Currents News Staff 

One element to calling the Summit on Sexual Abuse has been the release of names of accused priests and bishops. One organization believes this is the key to uncovering the abuse and finding healing for victims.

Survivors’ accounts, a database of accused priests, and files on bishops are just the beginning of the information Bishop Accountability has gathered on the abuse crisis.

Besides the revelations, the website’s co-director says it also is a relief for victims.

“When they go on our website and see their perpetrators name, immediately, they realize it wasn’t them, you know, that there was someone else who in that it was the perpetrator who’s to blame not them,” said Anne Barrett Doyle, the co-director of Bishop Accountability.

Doyle is an expert and research analyst on cases of abuse worldwide, but has extensively studied the United States.

“I have always said that the ultimate act of compassion by a bishop is to release the names of credibly accused priests. I’m glad Brooklyn diocese finally did so. But I am horrified to see the number of names on that list. I know it’s by no means a complete list,” she said.

While here in the Vatican, Bishop Accountability is trying to share the truth and names of the priests or bishops have been accused not only of abuse, but also cover-up.

This information comes from their research and also from reports many journalists have started over the years. It’s a very serious matter they believe is not being taken as so here in the Eternal City.

Their research also shows that the United States is one of the only countries with a push for “zero-tolerance,” an idea that has not been spoken about much this week leading up to the Summit.