Biden Administration Faces Challenges With Foreign Policy and COVID Relief  

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Currents News Staff

President Joe Biden delivered his first foreign policy address Feb.4 at the State Department.

Meanwhile, new jobless numbers out Thursday show many Americans are still struggling in the pandemic as lawmakers work to finalize a stimulus bill.

“We will repair our alliances, engage with the world once again,” said President Biden during his remarks. “We must meet the new moment accelerating global challenges, from the pandemic to the climate crisis, to nuclear proliferation.” 

As his administration begins to lay out their agenda for addressing relations with both allies and adversaries, the White House is also emphasizing the need for economic relief at home

“Every action we take in our conduct abroad, we must take with American working families in mind,” Biden said. 

As families across the country continue to struggle amid the unemployment crisis, unemployed mother of three Veronica Bedico feeds her family by using government assistance.

“I am a real person who had a real job, and now I need help so I can provide for my children,” she told Currents News. 

To help families like hers, the Biden administration is proposing a nearly $2 trillion dollar COVID-relief bill aimed in part at expanding unemployment benefits and food assistance.

The Democratic-led Senate is scheduled to vote on a budget resolution that will allow them to write and pass a package with a simple majority, without needing a single Republican vote.

“There’s no doubt that some families are still struggling, this isn’t finished. But our economy does not require another multi-trillion dollar non-targeted band-aid,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.