Biden Admin. Has ‘No Choice’ But to Tackle Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Says Attorney

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Currents News Staff

In Texas, a tent facility to hold immigrant teenagers who cross the border without a parent has just reopened.

It’s been closed since 2019, after the Trump administration was criticized for the poor conditions there.

Just last week, U.S. border agents encountered more than 15,000 migrant children. Earlier this month, the White House Press Secretary pleaded with migrants not to come, saying “the vast majority of people will be turned away.” 

The administration has its hands full right now trying to control the pandemic and vaccine distribution, but President Biden is trying to get his immigration bill passed, confirming on Feb. 22 that it’s scrapping the Trump administration changes to the U.S. citizenship test. 

Immigration attorney Steve Maggi joined Currents News to speak on U.S. immigration, and  what he wants to happen for clients.