Bevelyn Beatty Says She Defaced NYC’s Black Lives Matter Murals Because ‘Jesus Matters’

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Currents News Staff

Bevelyn Beatty’s latest video on her YouTube page has been viewed more than 83,000 times –  it’s a video where the woman shares why she live-streamed the defacing of the Black Lives Mural in Manhattan.

It all started July 18 when Beatty and others spilled black paint and then smeared it all over the Black Lives Matter mural outside of Trump Tower. She was eventually arrested but hours later, she re-emerged in Harlem and then Brooklyn.

“For anything else to matter, Jesus has to matter,” Beatty said. 

According to her biography on social media, Bevelyn is co-founder and evangelist of “At The Well Ministries.” Instead of “Black Lives Matter, she uses the hashtag “Jesus Matters.”

Witnesses yelled at her while sitting in the trunk of a car.

“Black Lives Matter does not speak about the Black cop that dies,” Bevelyn said. ”Black Lives Matter doesn’t speak about the Black man who dies due to Black-on-Black crime … Black Lives Matter doesn’t address the baby in the womb who’s murdered…”

Beatty also supports police and the work they do and opposes defunding police departments. 

“We were the voice that they couldn’t have,” she said. “We were the stand that they couldn’t take.”

While there were people opposing her as she painted over the murals, she also has her supporters.

“A lot of people thought I was being a hero for doing what I did, but I wasn’t being a hero. I was being an American,” Bevelyn said. “I was being an American, but more than that, I was being a Christian … This is what Christians do – we turn tables.”

And she says she’s not done turning tables or painting streets.

“God is good. It was victorious you guys, and we’re gonna keep going,” she said.