Bay Ridge Pastry Shop Fights Against NYC Indoor Dining Vaccine Mandate

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By Emily Drooby

Pasticceria Rocco is saying ‘no’ to the New York City proof of vaccine mandate. How so? By solidifying their stance with a giant sign in the window of their Bay Ridge, Brooklyn pastry shop.

“I am not going to stand for playing out his policy because I think it’s completely wrong and honestly I think it’s unconstitutional,” said manager Mary Josephine Generoso.

It’s a new city policy established by Mayor Bill de Blasio. The policy requires that patrons must show proof of at least one COVID-19 jab before taking part in indoor dining, fitness and/or entertainment.

“Essentially asking me to go ahead and discriminate somebody based on their vaccine status, which is completely, completely insane to me,” Mary said.

Mary, who is Catholic, adds this is not about how she feels about the vaccine –  it’s about people’s rights to choose.

“I think its segregating people, I think it’s discriminating people,” she said. “On the face of it, that’s not how I was taught as a little girl.”

Customer Erin Lipira agrees. The Long Islander came to the Brooklyn shop after learning about it on social media.

“We should be able to make our own decisions and choices and really weigh the pros and cons of getting out of this,” Erin told Currents News.

Not everyone likes the decision Rocco’s has made. Many are expressing their anger on social media. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio also reacted after asking about the store’s decision during a press conference.

“It’s not discrimination,” the mayor said. “It’s about protecting people,”

Mary says they’ll take the fines as they come. They’re also part of an ongoing lawsuit against the policy. They plan on potentially joining more in the future.  The policy went into effect on Aug. 17, but enforcement doesn’t begin until Sep.13.