Band of Religious Sisters Evangelize Through Music During Pandemic

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Currents News Staff

In 2014, seven nuns from the Servants of the Plan of God formed a band called “Siervas,” and have been using their musical talents as a tool for service and evangelization.

Representing the countries of Chile, Japan, Peru, China and Costa Rica, the sisters won’t let the coronavirus pandemic put a damper on their spirits or their instruments. They’ve spread their message of faith, joy and hope, despite social distancing. During the quarantine period, they recorded different “coronavirus versions” of some of their most popular songs.

“Well, we’ve been composing new songs during this time,” said Sister Paula Soto, who plays the drums. “We’re also working on a new musical project. We’re waiting for God to provide everything so we can return to giving concerts. We especially can’t wait to share with people, which is what really makes us happy.”