Is the Coronavirus Causing Strokes in Younger Adults? We Ask the Doctor

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Currents News Staff

Questions and doubts about how to treat and address the coronavirus continue. 

Western medicine has been exposed to the coronavirus for approximately eight weeks, and U.S. hospitals are continuing to learn how contracting the virus impacts the human body. 

Some young people have been found with strokes, and the virus appears to potentiate a blood clotting disorder for some. 

Doctors are attempting to find treatment for related issues, and trying to avoid ventilators for patients to increase survival rate.

During a presidential press conference, it was said that the coronavirus does not fare well with sunlight or heat — something true for topical surfaces, but not for the human body. 

Additionally, while by no means is drinking bleach or isopropyl alcohol an appropriate or safe approach to combating the virus, applying them to surfaces like railings, keyboards and cell phones is an appropriate external means of disinfecting. 

To help Currents News address these concerns is Dr. Robert Tiballi, an infectious disease expert with the Catholic Medical Association.

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