As Title 42 Expiration Approaches, Mayor Adams Pleads for More Federal Assistance

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Cities across the U.S., including New York, have seen migrants pouring in for months. They are now bracing themselves for even more newcomers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in the rearview mirror, Title 42, which allows border officials to quickly expel migrants who cross illegally, is expected to expire on May 11th.

Some local officials are already requesting federal assistance before the migrant crisis gets worse. 

New York Mayor Eric Adams is calling out Washington for failure to help New York City with the current migrant crisis.

“The national government has turned its back on New York City,” Adams said. 

Mayor Adams is warning things will get worse. 

“This is one of the largest humanitarian crises that this city has ever experienced,” Adams said. “It will impact every service in the city . Why isn’t every elected official in Washington DC asking the national government, ‘why are you doing this to New York?’”