As Senators Negotiating a Gun Safety Bill Missed Their Self-Imposed Deadline, a Shooter Opened Fire at a Church

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Another community is grieving after another deadly shooting. Police say a lone suspect entered a small group church meeting and opened fire near Birmingham, Alabama yesterday evening killing at least two people. That happened to occur around the same time Senators negotiating a gun safety bill missed their self-imposed deadline.

“A lot of people are going to be hurting,” said Rev. Kelley Hudlow from the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama. “What we need is this community to do what it’s really good at, which is coming together to take care of each other.”

Senators are pausing their gun safety talks for the weekend. This is the latest shooting showcasing the continuing threat of violence.

“I promise that, once the text is done,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer, “I will put it on the floor as soon as possible.”

Now it’s unclear if the Senate will be able to vote on gun safety next week. The framework has enough Republican support to pass the Senate if lawmakers agree to the bill’s details.

“I think we’re in a better place in terms of the grants to states that have, uh, crisis intervention programs,” said Texas Sen. John Cornyn.

One sticking point is whether states have to spend Red Flag Law funding on red flag laws. Those prevent people considered a risk from having firearms. Another involves the “Boyfriend Loophole” which is about whether an unmarried partner can have guns if found guilty of violence against a dating partner.

“If there’s a little give on both sides,” said Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, “we can get it done.”