As Economy Reopens & Protests Continue, Should We Be Concerned About Virus Spikes? We Ask the Doc

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Currents News Staff

As the economy begins to open and protests continue across the country, there are concerns about the coronavirus spreading.

Currents News reporters have been on the ground with the protesters and say there’s no social distancing and some aren’t wearing masks. Should we be concerned about a surge in virus infections?

Keeping with the protests, the CDC says chemicals used by police to control the crowds like pepper spray causes coughing, which could spread the virus. 

As the economy begins to reopen, many will be going back to their offices. Even if they practice social distancing, can the virus spread through vents in office buildings?

Many will also be getting back on the subways. The MTA has said it may be hard to social distance yourself from other commuters, so everyone is being asked to wear masks.

To offer his insights and answer some of these questions is Dr. Robert Tiballi, an infectious disease expert with the Catholic Medical Association.

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