Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Publishes Third Letter

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Currents News Staff

Since publishing his first letter on August 25 and his second September 27, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has not publicly announced his whereabouts, yet he still continues to write, publishing his third letter October 19.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s third letter, in response to Cardinal Marc Ouellet’s letter on October 7, restates his main points and calls out Pope Francis, yet again. However, everything still doesn’t come together.

“In the third letter, he mentioned that you have documents reached from the settlements with the victims in the dioceses where those claims were made. He has correspondence with nuncios in the U.S. to the Vatican, at least on two occasions, complaining about McCarrick or referring to some misconduct. We’re still missing that. We’re still missing those memos, we’re still missing the documentation, we’re still missing a lot of the key facts here. So, in terms of this third letter, it doesn’t really provide any new insights,” said Elise Harris, Senior Correspondent for Crux.

Viganò says Ouellet “concedes his important claims,” but Ouellet’s disputes are not on claims Viganò made in his letters. Viganò thus goes through each one, listing the evidence he has, which has not been officially confirmed from the Vatican.

“From the Vatican or from Vatican officials, I don’t know if we’ll see anything from anyone else. I think Viganò will continue to publish his letters, I think if somebody else does reply to him from wherever his hideout is, he’s in hiding, you know. What this is going to continue to be is a public discussion and something that is happening in the digital sphere,” added Harris.

He closes, appealing to his brother bishops to testify to his statements. He also asserts that he is not encouraging rebellion against Pope Francis with these letters, but that he prays for the successor of Peter daily.

While all this writing is going on, it is important to remember that on October 6 Pope Francis authorized the investigation of all Vatican documents relating to McCarrick. As of now, the Holy See has not found any hard evidence amidst all these accusations, but we’re staying tuned to see what they find.