If You Have Antibodies, Can You Contract COVID-19 Multiple Times? We Ask the Doc

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Currents News Staff

A study published in the journal “Nature Medicine” says the antibodies coronavirus survivors build up could fade away.

Does this mean you can contract COVID-19 multiple times, and does this mean there’s no point in getting the antibody test?

A team of European scientists found that people with Type A blood are 45 percent more likely to get the virus than those with other blood types. 

Could our blood type actually play a role in our risk of getting infected?

Researchers at the University of Oxford say the steroid dexamethasone, which is inexpensive and available, can save the lives of people seriously ill with COVID-19.

Meanwhile, doctors at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Ohio say they’re seeing a spike in coronavirus cases among children, which raises concern. 

To offer his insights and answer some of these questions is Dr. Robert Tiballi, an infectious disease expert with the Catholic Medical Association.

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