Andalusian Group Greets Pope With Castanets And Songs

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Currents News Staff

A group of Spaniards from the parish of Santa Olalla del Cala in Huelva in Spain came to see Pope Francis, bringing castanets, songs, and dances with them.

They belong to the Fraternity of Santa Ángela de la Cruz, named after the nun who founded the Congregation of Sisters of the Cross in Seville.

The current president of the group was born with a serious degenerative disease that was cured by this saint’s intercession. The nuns at this congregation had anointed the baby with oil from a lamp which lit up an image of St. Angela in their convent. Ever since, he was miraculously cured.

“I was born with a very serious illness, and the Sisters of the Cross gave my mother oil from a lamp with which they always illuminate the image,” said Raúl Nuñez, President, Fraternity of Santa Ángela de la Cruz

Forty years have passed, and now thanks to St. Angela of the Cross, Nuñez was able to meet the Pope. As a gift, he gave Pope Francis a bouquet of flowers.

“The Holy Father addressed us, the fraternity, and he only asked one thing from us. With his humility, he asked that we pray for him often. I also asked him to pray a lot for us, for our diocese,” he said.

“Pope Francis held my hand. He put his hands on my shoulders and reassured me, because I was very nervous from all the excitement. I told my friends and Raúl I can go home now, because I have fulfilled my dream when coming to Rome,” said Carmen Rodríguez, Fraternity of Santa Ángela de la Cruz.

Every year, out of devotion to St. Angela, they visit the room where she lived in Sevilla. If someone is having problems, they can lay where the nun died and ask for her intercession for their problems.

“On March 2 we always go to the convent, where we can see and go to the room where she lived,” Rodríguez.

There is also a convent of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Rome. Naturally, they will make a visit, and participate in a special ceremony with the sisters there.