America’s 41st President To Be Laid To Rest

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Currents News Staff

Family and friends are continuing to cope with the death of former President George H. W. Bush.

“He was simply one of the world’s kindest, most decent men,” said Pierce Bush, President Bush’s grandson.

The rest of the world formerly begins it’s long goodbye today.

“I’ve been there with 8 presidents as an elected official and none of them had more class and greater sense of decency than President Bush,” said former Vice President Joe Biden.

In Washington D.C. there was one last arrival ceremony at the U.S. Capitol, where the popular President will lie in state until Wednesday morning. Then a private funeral service will be held at the National Cathedral.

Bush will then return home for a second service in his adopted state of Texas, to be buried at his Presidential Library in College Station. He’ll be laid to rest next to his beloved wife Barbara and daughter Robin.

The 41st President died at the age of 94.

“My own personal view is people shouldn’t mourn the life of George HW Bush. We’re celebrating the life that was so well lived,” said Neil Bush, President Bush’s son.

He spoke his final worlds to his oldest son, Former President George W. Bush.

“And 43 said: ‘I love you, dad. And I just want to — and I will see you in heaven.’ And 41 said: ‘I love you, too.’ And those were the last words that he ever spoke,” said James Baker, Former Secretary of State.