Americans Feeling The Impact of Longest Shutdown In History

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Currents News Staff

Snowy scenes in Washington, mirroring the frozen state of negotiations over the government shutdown.

“Make no mistake, to me, this shutdown is caused by President Trump,” said Sen Ben Cardin.

President Donald Trump said “the democrats are stopping us.”

President Trump began week four of the shutdown backing off a recent threat to use executive power to fund his 5.7-billion-dollar border wall.

“I’m not looking to call a national emergency. This is so simple, you shouldn’t have to,” said Trump.

But any hope of progress to reopen the government this week appears slim, with no meetings scheduled or new proposals on the table.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans across the country are feeling the sting, including at the nation’s busiest airports.

“TSA workers assisting travelers, making sure that we are safe as we travel to Washington DC and are doing it without a paycheck,” said Rep. Joe Neguse.

Roughly 51,000 TSA screeners are working without pay.

Hundreds have called out sick since this shutdown began, causing back-ups at some major airports.

Lines snaked all the way to baggage claim at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta on Monday.

Air traffic controllers are also feeling the effects.

“The morale is just funneling down as fast as you can image,” said Dan McCabe, an air traffic controller and representative for the Air Traffic Controller Association.

Despite the understaffing issues, officials say it’s still safe to fly. Travelers just might need to budget more wait time.

“We’re going to keep everybody safe, that’s what we do,” said McCabe.