All Eyes on Michigan for Super Tuesday Two

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Currents News Staff

It’s Super Tuesday Two and six states are up for grabs, including a very important one in the Great Lakes.

Voters in six states head to the polls March 10, but one state is drawing extra attention: Michigan — and more specifically its 125 pledged delegates — plays a pivotal role in Tuesday’s race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s decisive win in South Carolina last month basically kept his presidential hopes alive.

And now on Super Tuesday Two, Senator Bernie Sanders pretty much needs to pull a Biden in Michigan, a state Sanders narrowly won in 2016.

“Does anybody really think that that is going to be campaign of excitement and energy that’s going to grow the base that we need to defeat Trump? I don’t think so. I say that honestly as a friend of Joe’s,” said Sanders.

Biden, who just got endorsements from two former candidates, Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, has a comfy lead in Michigan, according to the latest Monmouth University poll.

“If you want a nominee who’s going to beat Donald Trump, keep the House of Representatives, win back the United States, join us!” said Biden.

As of Tuesday morning, fewer than 100 delegates separate Biden and Sanders, with California numbers still in flux.

The other five states taking part in Super Tuesday Two are Washington State, Idaho, North Dakota, Missouri and Mississippi. Combined they account for 227 delegates.