All Eyes Are on Swing States as Election Votes Are Being Counted

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Currents News Staff

All eyes are still on the battleground states as we return to the presidential race. 

It’s the same story and the same states that the presidential election will be decided in.

In 2016, President Trump flipped Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, states that hadn’t voted Republican since the 80’s.

The Associated Press says Biden won in Wisconsin this year, but the rest are still up for grabs, as are other swing states.

This presidential election is also different from the last, the most obvious change being  the number of people voting and mail in ballots. President Trump on Election Night suggested votes stop being counted, and even said he would go to the Supreme Court to get it stopped.

Nevada election officials are saying they won’t release all of their results until Nov. 5. In Pennsylvania they stopped counting ballots for the night on Tuesday. 

So, what does the path to victory look like this year for each candidate? 

St. John’s University political science professor Brian Browne is back with Currents News to walk us through what happens now.