Flying Mask Free: MTA Keeps Mandate While NYC Mayor Keeps Options Open

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Currents News Staff

Passengers erupted in applause on a Southwest Airlines airplane after finding out a federal judge overturned the White House’s mask mandate for planes and other public transportation.

“It’s official on Southwest Airlines, yay no more masks wooooo!”

A flight attendant on the plane walked through the aisle so travelers could throw out their masks. It’s optional now. But some at LaGuardia airport in New York say they’ll keep their faces covered.

“Even in traveling here and being in downtown in New York,” said one passenger, “and everybody not wearing, able to not wear masks and things, I felt much more comfortable keeping mine on.”

Don’t get too comfortable without a mask because you’ll still need it underground. The MTA is keeping its mandate in place. As for the city as a whole, Mayor Eric Adams says we’re not there yet.

“We are advising New Yorkers to wear a mask but we’re not at the point of mandate right now,” said Mayor Adams. “Our hospitalizations are at a steady level, deaths at a steady level.”

The mayor says he’s willing to pivot and will consider bringing back masks in schools and they Key to NYC program if his health team recommends it. He agrees with Gov. Kathy Hochul when it comes to keeping the Big Apple open.

“We need healthy bodies,” he said, “healthy minds and healthy economy – they all go together.”