Airplane Debris Falls Over Denver Neighborhoods Following United Flight’s Engine Failure 

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Currents News Staff

A Honolulu, Hawaii bound flight was forced to make a return landing after an engine failure on Feb. 20. 

Debris from United Airlines flight 328 is now scattered around the greater Denver, Colorado area.

“There was a giant black cloud of smoke high up in the sky immediately followed by, you know, what looked like pieces of the aircraft really just coming off,” Kieran Cain, an eyewitness, told Currents News. 

The craft suffered engine failure shortly after take-off from Denver International Airport.

“A lot of people said they heard that really loud explosion and it startled a lot of people, and then they started seeing basically what they thought was a plane falling from the sky,” explained, Rachel Welt, Broomfield Police PIO.

The plane returned to the airport about 20 minutes after the failure.

According to United, none of the passengers or crew members on the plane suffered any injuries.

There’s also no reports of injuries from the fallen debris.

“This park on a day like today, when it’s not as cold as it was last weekend, we could have hundreds of people here,” said Welt. “And the fact that we are still not getting reports of any injuries is absolutely shocking at this point. It’s amazing.”

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident.