After Malta Papal Trip Pope Francis Discusses Ukraine, Migration, His Health

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Currents News Staff

Pope Francis did not avoid talking about his knee problems during a brief press conference after his trip to Malta. His difficulty walking throughout the trip and the fact that he had to use an elevator to board his plane did not go unnoticed.

“My health is a bit “capricious” because I have this knee problem that makes it difficult to walk,” the Holy Father said. “It’s annoying, but it’s getting better. At least I can walk. Two weeks ago I couldn’t do anything.”

The pontiff took a moment to address the migration crisis in Southern Europe. He reiterated the need for neighboring countries such as Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spain to develop a shared policy on receiving migrants to managing the crisis.

“We forget that Europe has been made with migrants, but that’s the way things are,” Pope Francis said. “But at least we should not leave all the burden to these bordering countries that are so generous. Malta is one of them.”

There was also talk of a possible papal trip to Ukraine. While the pontiff did not deny the possibility, he said that no decision has been made.

“It is there, as one of the proposals that came to me,” the pontiff said, “but I don’t know if it can be done, if it is suitable to do it, and if doing it will be good. If it is fitting, I will have to do it.”

Pope Francis was very critical of the rise in arms manufacturing in response to the war in Ukraine, insisting that military spending does not build peace.

“Investing in weapons,” the Holy Father said. ‘”But we need them to defend ourselves.’ But this is the logic of war. I am pained by what is happening today, we do not learn. May the Lord have mercy on us, on all of us. We are all guilty.”

The Holy Father also revealed that another meeting with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill was being prepared, and that it would most likely take place in the Middle East.