After 50 Days of Russian Invasion, UN Estimates 2,000 Civilian Deaths in Ukraine

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Currents News Staff

Heavy fighting, explosion and immeasurable human loss exists now after 50 days into the Ukrainian war. Tearful families look on, as crews search for bodies, near Kyiv.

“A [neighbor’s] daughter doesn’t know yet that she doesn’t [have anyone left],” said one civilian. “How am I supposed to tell her she has no mother and father anymore?”

The U.N. estimates nearly 2,000 civilians have been killed in Ukraine, warning the actual figures are likely considerably higher. The propaganda is unending.

“Russia is helping Ukraine to get rid of Nazi groups,” said Olesya Simonova who evacuated her daughter from Ukraine: “And this is not a war.”

Olesya recounts what her Russian parents told her, as she evacuated her daughter from the long-time Russian-occupied Crimea.

“It was devastating to hear it from your own parents,” she said.

There are conflicting claims about one of the Russian navy’s most important warships. The Kremlin claims sailors evacuated after a fire. Ukraine says its missile attack caused it.

“It’s a big blow to Russia,” said Jake Sullivan, U.S. National Security Adviser.

The Moskva was behind this viral moment in the black sea, soon after Russia invaded Ukraine. On the way to Ukraine, more javelin missiles, howitzers, drones and helicopters could be heard. The Pentagon hopes it could make a difference in the critical Donbas region.

“We’re moving as aggressively as we can to source all those items and get our hands in that material,” said John Kirby, Pentagon Press Secretary.