A 99-year-old WWII Veteran Reflects On Her Service With the U.S. Coast Guard

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Currents News Staff

Looking back at the good old days is something special for Marie Goff.

“It makes me feel young again to see all those pictures,” Marie said.

She’s a 99-year-old World War II veteran who served in a very unique role as a SPAR.

“I liked the SPARS very much and I always would be in the company of the best of the SPARS,” Marie said.

She enlisted after her brother died overseas serving his country, she felt it was her duty to serve.

“After that, my mother did not want me to join anything with the service but after my brother was killed, I joined the service,” Marie said.

Marie was stationed in Palm Beach, Florida and served at one of the stores in the Assembly Hotel. These memories she’s flipping through are some of her most fond ones, including the day the U.S. declared victory.

“Oh, it was the most fun,” Marie said, “we declared victory and it was the end of our SPARS.”

By her side is her granddaughter Kaitlin Dunckel, an Air Force veteran herself. She says her grandma was the reason she joined.

“She was always so proud of it,” Kaitlin said. “My grandpa was always so proud of it. They have always been so proud of their service I just wanted that pride that i was just like, I want part of that. I wanted to be as amazing as she is.”

A woman reflecting back on life looking at the role her service played soaking in the joy and pride it brings her.