800 U.S. Troops Land in San Antonio

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Currents News Staff

Cargo planes loaded with heavy equipment, vehicles and materials are among what’s been sent to major military bases.

They’ll serve as staging areas for the 5,200 troops heading to the southwest border.

This includes special operation teams – some for riot control – in advance of an unknown number of Central American migrants possibly reaching ports of entry or points in-between.

“The units that are normally assigned weapons, they are in fact deploying with weapons,” said Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy.

The NorthCom commander says the military and its resources will be used only in a support role. Still, some are saying the deployment is the latest example of demonizing immigrants.

At a news conference Monday, the commissioner of U.S. customs and border protection was asked whether the deployment was actually a campaign ploy.

“No, this is a law enforcement operation from C.B.P.’s perspective and we partner with D.O.D. all the time to help secure our border,” said Kevin McLennan, CBP commissioner.