Good Samaritan Saves Baby In Runaway Stroller

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Disaster was averted in Los Angeles on Monday, after a good samaritan jumped into action to save a baby’s life.

Gusty high desert winds pushed a stroller with a baby inside outside a car wash, causing it to roll toward the street.

Ron Nessman was waiting on a bench outside the car wash when he saw a woman in her 60s fall down on the asphalt while trying to catch the runaway stroller.

“She sees the child going into the street,” Nessman said. “And that’s all she sees, she can’t do nothing.”

Nessman immediately came to the child’s rescue without a second thought, running over to intercept the stroller, to save the baby boy inside before he made it down the driveway and into the roadway filled with passing cars.

“I said, I got it. I saw her and I felt so bad for the lady you know,” Nessman said. “I couldn’t imagine. I have nephews and nieces and I couldn’t imagine something like that.”