Priest Heroes of the Titanic

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Priest Heroes Of The Titanic – In this season premiere episode of All Things Catholic, host Joe Estevez visits New York in search of Brooklyn’s special and unique connection to the RMS Titanic. The giant ocean liner sank after it collided with an iceberg on April 14, 1912. More than half of the passengers and crew lost their lives. Joe relates the story of the three heroic priests who got many passengers into lifeboats but then stayed behind to minister to those who remained aboard the doomed ship. He also discovers why there is a memorial plaque to the Titanic inside St. Paul’s Church in Cobble Hill. In addition, he tries to separate fact from fiction as he discusses the numerous films made about the Titanic disaster. Join Joe Estevez and his special guests Monsignor Joseph Nugent of St. Paul’s Church, and actor Daniel Roebuck for this titanic voyage of discovery.