40 Days of Passion: Holy Week

Tags: 40 Days of Passion Faith, Inspiration, Lent and Easter, Prayer, Spirituality

Good morning and God bless you! This will be the last video of the 40 Days of Passion, Power and Purpose.

In this video I will share my personal experience in this journey with you. Hoping and praying that this video will be a blessing to your life.

Only a few days before resurrection takes a hold of us and changes us forever. Be aware and remember that we are not the ones looking for resurrection, but resurrection is the one looking for us in order to embrace, transform, heal and revive. Allow resurrection to have its way in your life.

Please take advantage of this week. Find out what is happening in your church and make sure that you stay involved and experience this Holy Week to its fullest. You are in our prayers. #LentatNet