40 Days of Passion: Day 37

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Are you a promise keeper or breaker? Do you know anyone that has a hard time keeping their promises?

It’s never fun when someone makes a promise and then breaks it. Many people I encounter have trust issues due exactly to this type of behavior.

I have good news for you. God is a promise maker and a promise keeper! He always keeps His promises. God is trust worthy! Maybe others have failed you! Maybe others have abused your trust and in the process hurt you. God won’t!

On today’s Passion, Power and Purpose video, God challenges us to also become promise keepers. Hope you watch and obey.

Being a promise keeper has eternal blessings. Stop breaking promises you make and start keeping them. God is honored when we keep our promises.

Pray and Think about promises you have made to others, but especially promises you have made to God. Once you remember them, do your best to keep them.

You’re in our prayers on this day! You can become a Promise Keeper! Believe it! Here is today’s full reading. #LentatNet