40 Days of Passion: Day 26

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Smile And Shine! It’s a new day! Today God invites us to SMILE and SHINE! Let’s Shine for Jesus on this day! Wherever you go, whatever you say or do should lead people to Christ and not away. Take time to think about the things in your life that do not allow you to be faithful and then make the changes to remain faithful and faith-filled.

The good news is that God remains faithful despite our unfaithfulness! So Smile and Shine!
We’re on day 26! Here is today’s full reading. We are almost there! Hang in there! Don’t give up! Pain,Sadness and Storms may be part of your story, but it is not the end of it. Your story ends in Resurrection. Believe it!

Please Watch, Apply, Share and Repeat! This Lent season will be like no other! You’re in my prayers! Smile and Shine! #LentatNet