40 Days of Passion: Day 23

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Our strength is not in speaking to God, but in our ability to hear, discern and recognize His voice. This is key and crucial for any believer looking to do God’s will and live a life of Passion, Power and Purpose.

Did you know that we have the capacity to hear God’s voice, but we do not all possess the ability to discern and recognize His voice? Many people that I encounter often ask me the same question, “David, How can I hear God?” One of the things I always ask the is “Are you obedient or disobedient?” They don’t get it. I have learned that God loves to speak with obedient sons and daughters. That is not to say that He only speaks to the ones that obey, but think about it, “Do you like speaking with people that do not listen or act like they don’t?” Of course not! Lets start obeying God in the simple things He asks of us and as we grow in relationship and intimacy with Him we will learn how to discern and recognize His voice.

You’re in my prayers today! Take time to listen, discern, recognize and obey the voice of God. Here is today’s full reading. It will take time, but remember time in prayer is time well invested. You never waste time when you’re in prayer. Believe it! #LentatNet