40 Days of Passion: Day 21

Tags: 40 Days of Passion Faith, Lent and Easter, Prayer, Spirituality

Forgiveness happens in stages. First it happens on our lips when we verbalize it. It happens in our hearts when we internalize it and finally it will manifest in our actions. Forgiving can be difficult, but not impossible. When we forgive we go from pain to power. Not being able to forgive makes us slaves, but when we forgive we are free. God wants you to be free.

Your heavenly Creator and Lover of your soul is asking us to return back into his loving and forgiving arms with all our hearts. As we do this and connect in prayer with Him, He will grant us the strength and grace to forgive those who have hurt and scared us. You are in our prayers. Believe it!

Here is today’s full reading. And here is today’s Lent video. Please share it with all your friends, community, co-workers and even those that perhaps have caused you pain and suffering. It’s time to see the chains of Unforgiveness broken forever. #LentatNet