40 Days of Passion: Day 18

Tags: 40 Days of Passion Inspiration, Lent and Easter, Prayer

What do you hunger for? What are craving for? We need to be careful what or who we hunger for. Talk about the Hunger Games! It’s a deadly game.

Welcome to Day number 18 of Passion, Power and Purpose! Here is today’s full reading. Growing up I heard of a God who was always angry, out to get me and ready to punish me, but the truth is that God is not angry. He loves us and is always waiting for us with arms wide open.

Did you know that God will use hunger in order to lead us back to him? Yes He will! Its time to change our high sin diet! We do not need those extra calories, but we sure need to Hunger for Holiness. God is Aware and Awake! Believe it! This Lent will be like no other! #LentatNet